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 of It is often said “To learn of the person is to know the person”…so let me begin with telling our story.

   Aimee Reese owner and founder of AnR Travel & Photography aka; the Traveling Photographer, and her husband Ron Reese, started in the travel industry to lighten the load of the endless hours needed to plan that perfect vacation. 
    Many people today hold a list of dream vacations such as Hawaii, Spain or some other far-off exotic place. There is so much that the world has to offer or has yet to be seen; Ron and Aimee want to help their clientele bring those dream vacations to reality.  It is said that Aimee and her husband Ron,  enjoy a good adventure and relish in the unforeseen moments.  Due to their own interests and learning experiences through traveling; Ron and Aimee quickly discovered the value and understand the importance that these dream lists hold.  Helping their clients to achieve these goals in life is important to them as both of them know how challenging it can be to plan that perfect vacation.  Planning goes beyond the standard 'typing in your name" and all the relevant needed information to book flights'. It's so much more- knowing how to travel, what to pack, where to go or who to call if something goes wrong. Booking through online portals such as Price Line may offer a discounted rate; sure. However when things go south and often they do, online booking platforms only give you a 800 number to call. From which, you then sit on hold and get tossed around from one agent to the next because none of them know who you are, your history or even your needs. Half the time the agent is just reading the information you typed in. With Ron and Aimee they offer you a personalized service. Should you need assistance, both are only but a phone call away. These two stay in contact with their clients through the entire travel experience. Aimee or Ron either send texts or call to assure that their client(s) has arrived without complications, need any assistance or anything at all. 

   Since Aimee was a young child, she has traveled to many places (more local within the U.S.), due to her mother's career with Fred Astaire Dance Studio. But, now that her and husband's children are grown and building lives of their own, Aimee and Ron began their travels internationally and started checking off their own list of places to go. " The world is amazing and there is so much that has yet to be seen" Aimee stated.

    After one of Aimee and Ron's many adventures along with a few new discoveries, both began thinking; that if they had a list of 'must see' places then others just like them have a list as well.  So, Aimee dove in, got her certification in the travel industry and is now a Certified Travel Agent through Evolution Travel powered by Archer Travel. This, allowing her and husband to begin accommodating their clientele's travel needs; must do vacations and bring them to reality. Helping their clients to check these items off of their 'must see' places; Big or Small.  AnR has all the avenues covered; even the photographer aspect to remember those special moments whether it be for business or personal.

    AnR is more than a Travel Consultant! They have their our own personal "Traveling Photographer". Aimee Reese (owner and founder of AnR Travel) can be added to any event for an additional fee. Should your group be large enough Aimee's services could become FREE to your and your travelers or at a discounted rate.  Please email Aimee for details on how to add your own photographer to any package at a discounted rate.

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Mission Statement

Our primary responsibility is to make the process of travel planning easier for our clients and to ensure that each travel experience is different from the last. We work directly with our clients giving them a personalized experience tailored to their needs, in order to determine the best possible travel destinations, transportation arrangements, and accommodations for each client's particular needs. In addition, we offer suggestions, based on our experience and if we are unfamiliar with your destination request we are only but ONE phone call away from another agent who has traveled there, them self.   AnR Travel works hard to stay within the budget given, to offer our clients the best travel arrangements that suit both their financial limitations and leisure or business travel expectations.

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Kustom Dezigns Studio LLC Photography

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Kustom Dezigns Studio was brought to life in the year 2018 by two friends, Aimee Reese, the Photographer and Rebecca Sidoti, the Design Artist, to satisfy those who are enthusiastic about capturing those special moments. Each bringing their own unique style to the table formed a business relationship; with a single philosophy in mind: a photograph can capture a moment in time, if designed correctly. Although their partnership is new to the industry their trade is very seasoned. Both bringing a different and unique style to the photography world.

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.”
— Irving Penn

Aimee Reese: A natural light photographer with a unique style and a love for candid captures. “I did not find photography; Photography found me”. Inspired by her family, with time against, her she utilized imagery to freeze these moments in her life. From there Aimee became fascinated with digital imagery and the notation that every picture should tell a story. Using her creativity to explore the human condition and the world around her, she continuously found herself fascinated by the power of images and their ability, if done properly, to convey an emotion. This is where Aimee learned to tell her clientele’s stories; through imagery.

Aimee sought out her degree through the Academy of Art University and has been photographing for more than ten (10) years. She is a member of the PPA: Professional Photographers of America.  Aimee's  working preferences are towards the more traditional processes with a fondness of black and white photography utilizing natural lighting. Her work is deeply personal and is not driven by any commercial agenda but is created and delivered from the heart.

"Time is something we never get back,

however through imagery, we can freeze it to have forever"

-Aimee Reese

Rebecca Sidoti: The design Artist. “I love the lines and beauty of a piece that others might miss.” Inspired by her natural creativity and fueled by the satisfaction of seeing the finished product, Rebecca began refurbishing furniture part-time while raising her family. She starts with a piece of unwanted furniture and accentuates its natural beauty by restoring it or completely redesigning it. Rebecca is drawn to vintage pieces because the “old world” craftsmanship captivates her artistic nature. She has been drawing, painting, refurbishing and redesigning for more than twenty (20) years and holds an Associate Degree in Art and Design. Rehabbing furniture and turning an unwanted piece of furniture into a work of art for her clientele is Rebecca’s passion. She leaves no detail untouched.

Although Kustom Dezigns Studio is based out of Columbus, Ohio both artists are willing to travel and design the picture-perfect moment you desire. Rebecca & Aimee created a unique studio that tailors to every client’s need. If you want it, they will create it. Together they make a great team collaborating to build a picture perfect sessions for their clientele.

 Kustom Dezigns Studio LLC believes that the canvas is not confined by four walls, but the entire universe. That's why Kustom Dezigns Studio will travel to you!

Currently, KDS is servicing the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. However, both are open to the idea of traveling out-side our 43209 local area.


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