Looking for a specific sporting or concert event? Click the RED button below and search the data base. No need to contact AnR Travel to complete purchase. You can do this at your will. We understand the "searching after business hours" and the need to purchase on the spot! So AnR created a link to do so.. Hope you can find what you are looking for, if not submit a request form and we will do the work for you.


AnR Travel is more than a Travel Consultant, Vacation Planner and Photographer!

We have access to all Concerts and Sporting Event tickets. Which can be added on to any package! Or purchased solo.

  AnR understands, that planning a trip is time-consuming and can be a complicated process; at times.  Therefore AnR  simplifies this process for our clients, in addition to providing a consultation services along with an entire travel package, tailored to each of our customers.
AnR Travel  books flights, cruises, rental cars, hotels, tickets for all types of events as well as resort stays and/or assist with event planning; if applicable.  We cator to a wide demographic, serving both individuals, family and corporations.

AnR Travel specialize in:
"The Traveling Photographer" for any vacation package, leisure travel such as family vacations, short getaways, birthdays celebrations, business trips, and/or location-specific journeys.


Our  primary responsibility is to make the process of travel planning easier for our clients and to ensure that each  travel experience is different from the last. We work directly with our clients giving them a personalized experience tailored to their needs, in order to determine the best possible travel destinations, transportation arrangements, and accommodations for each client's particular needs. In addition, we offer suggestions, based on our experience and if we are unfamiliar with your destination request we are only but ONE phone call away from another agent who has traveled there, them self.   AnR Travel works hard to stay within the budget given,  to offer our clients the best travel arrangements that suit both their financial limitations and leisure or business travel expectations.


 AnR Travel does all the research for our client's travel plans, Aimee & Ron put together a personalized travel itinerary  and in addition they will relay and deliver all important information including weather conditions, travel advisories and required documents for your destination. Safety is a huge  factor when it comes to  traveling. So,  Aimee & Ron stay in the "Know" with the latest news, ensuring that each planned destination is safe for our customers. Further more we discuss the importance of travel insurance and make that choice available for each of our travelers needs.


Since there is no "One Size Fits All" pricing package, our planning fee is tailored to each clients needs. We utilize a "building format" to put together a service that is tailored to  your vacation needs.    From there, after asking a few questions, we can quote you a price for AnR Travel's services.


When you hire AnR Travel to plan your vacation, our services are in addition to the vacation package you purchase and all services provided and paid to AnR Travel are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Vacation packages: refund policy is subject to the "said" vendor's terms of use. 


Need Tickets

Hiring AnR to Plan Your Vacation



AnR Travel tailors each travel package to their clients needs and wants. We know and understand that there is

"No One Size Fits All"
Travel Package  

Since we understand this, AnR builds our your pricing around your needs and/or wants. Respecting your budget which is while we include our service fee in with your travel package; helping you to stay within your budget!

When you hire US to plan your vacation we promise to attend to your needs and wants 100% of the time. We promise to give you and your travelers a personalized experience and leave you wanting to return for another booking.  AnR wants to be your "Google" to research and take the "worry" out of reading the "fine print"

When You Hire AnR, what do you get?

Starting at $25.00 per Itinerary

Now, What so you get when you Hire AnR to do the work for you?

  1. One  Personalized Itinerary: With One destination in mind. $5 per additional destination.
  2. Up to Two Travelers- Every additional traveler is $5 per adult over the age 10yrs.
  3. Children under 10 years of age are free when traveling with a parent
  4. Personally built itinerary, to your travel needs
  5. 24/7 Communication with Aimee Reese
  6. All researched done for you by Aimee & Ron Reese
  7. Complete Booking Process with Aimee Reese.
  8. All documents emailed to point of contact by Aimee Reese with a follow up reminder email and/or Text via phone before departure. A return follow up email upon return from destination.
  9. Follow up email detailing important information up to 7 days before departing on vacation. A follow up text once you have arrived to check on you.
  10. Subscription to AnR Travel's News Letter
  11. A  "Thank You" post card after completion of trip with a discounted service for next travel booking of service
  12. After you refer AnR's services, your referee books and paid in full,  YOUR next vacation planning service is on us!
  13. Open communication throughout your planning process for all of your needs, concerns and/or questions
  14. Any special requests needed to travel
  15. Stress-Free/Worry-Free planning because AnR does the work for you
  16. Option to Add a "Traveling Photographer" to document your vacation (additional Fee: Ask how to get Aimee's service Free or reduced)

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