Kustom Dezigns Studio LLC

Kustom Dezigns Studio was brought to life in the year 2018 by two friends, Aimee Reese, the Photographer and Rebecca Sidoti, the Design Artist, to satisfy those who are enthusiastic about capturing those special moments. Each bringing their own unique style to the table formed a business relationship; with a single philosophy in mind: a photograph can capture a moment in time, if designed correctly. Although their partnership is new to the industry their trade is very seasoned. Both bringing a different and unique style to the photography world.

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.”
— Irving Penn

Aimee Reese: A natural light photographer with a unique style and a love for candid captures. “I did not find photography; Photography found me”. Inspired by her family, with time against, her she utilized imagery to freeze these moments in her life. From there Aimee became fascinated with digital imagery and the notation that every picture should tell a story. Using her creativity to explore the human condition and the world around her, she continuously found herself fascinated by the power of images and their ability, if done properly, to convey an emotion. This is where Aimee learned to tell her clientele’s stories; through imagery.

Aimee sought out her degree through the Academy of Art University and has been photographing for more than ten (10) years. Her working preferences are towards the more traditional processes with a fondness of black and white photography utilizing natural lighting. Her work is deeply personal and is not driven by any commercial agenda but is created and delivered from the heart.

"Time is something we never get back,

however through imagery, we can freeze it to have forever"

-Aimee Reese

Rebecca Sidoti: The design Artist. “I love the lines and beauty of a piece that others might miss.” Inspired by her natural creativity and fueled by the satisfaction of seeing the finished product, Rebecca began refurbishing furniture part-time while raising her family. She starts with a piece of unwanted furniture and accentuates its natural beauty by restoring it or completely redesigning it. Rebecca is drawn to vintage pieces because the “old world” craftsmanship captivates her artistic nature. She has been drawing, painting, refurbishing and redesigning for more than twenty (20) years and holds an Associate Degree in Art and Design. Rehabbing furniture and turning an unwanted piece of furniture into a work of art for her clientele is Rebecca’s passion. She leaves no detail untouched.

Although Kustom Dezigns Studio is based out of Columbus, Ohio both artists are willing to travel and design the picture-perfect moment you desire. Rebecca & Aimee created a unique studio that tailors to every client’s need. If you want it, they will create it. Together they make a great team collaborating to build a picture perfect sessions for their clientele.

 Kustom Dezigns Studio LLC believes that the canvas is not confined by four walls, but the entire universe. That's why Kustom Dezigns Studio will travel to you!

Currently, KDS is servicing the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. However, both are open to the idea of traveling out-side our 43209 local area.